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2014/15 League Play Complete

League play has been completed for the 2014/15 season.  Playoffs start on the March 14/15 weekend, with the championship games being played on Saturday April 4.

2014/15 Rules Update Posted

The revised sledge rules for 2014/15 have been posted.  They can be found under the resources tab up top.

2014/15 Team Ontario Selection Criteria Posted

The Selection criteria for the 2014/15 edition of Sledge Team Ontario has been posted.  Find the document by following the link up top.

2014 Ontario Para Sport Games

The 2014 Ontario Para Sport Games were held in Northumberland County over the May 31 to June 1 weekend. Sledge Hockey was one of the 8 Para Sport events at the Ontario Winter Games. The sledge tournament was played in Cobourg at the Cobourg Community Centre and Debbie Hillyer from the Northumberland Predators was the Venue Manager. There were three Regional Teams (West, North East and Central) that competed at the tournament with players that were selected at Talent Identification Camps conducted in April 2014. The tournament format included a round robin portion to rank the teams on Saturday before proceeding to the Bronze and Gold Medal games on Sunday.

The West Region defeated the North East Region by a score of 2-0 to win the Gold Medal. In the Gold Medal game, Jessie Gregory had the shutout with Sawyer Harding scoring both goals for Team West with AJ St Dennis and Jacob Ribble assisting on the goals.

Gold – West Region
Silver – North East Region
Bronze – Central Region

Special thanks to all the Team Leaders for each of the regional teams.

West Region: Manager- Krista Spong, Head Coach - Walt Molinaro, Coach - Tom Sheppard, Trainer - Jeremy Dunn
North East Region: Manager Emilie Vezina , Head Coach - Rolly Desrochers, Coach - Glen White, Trainer - Emma Bell
Central Region: Manager - Tracy Herrington , Head Coach - Paul Christou, Coach Rob Milford , Trainer - Bear Cavanagh

2014 Ontario Winter Games

The 2014 Ontario Winter Games were held in Muskoka over the February 27 to March 2 weekend and Sledge Hockey was one of the 5 Para Sport events at the Ontario Winter Games. In addition, there were 18 able body other sport events also held at the games. The sledge tournament was located in Gravenhurst and all games were played at the Gravenhurst Centennial Centre. There were four Regional Teams (West, East, North and Central) that competed at the tournament with players that were selected at Talent Identification Camps conducted in December 2013. The tournament format included a round robin portion to rank the teams before proceeding to the semi-final games and Bronze and Gold Medal games.

The North Region won the Bronze Medal defeating Eastern Region by a score of 3 to 2. The West Region defeated Central Region by a score of 2-1 to win the Gold Medal. In the Gold Medal game David Grenier scored the game winning goal at 1:27 of the third period to break the tie.


Gold – West Region

Silver – Central Region

Bronze – North Region

Sledge is Great

Vicky Hillyer of the Northumberland Predators was interviewed and shows herself to be a great ambassador for the sport of sledge hockey

About Us

The Ontario Sledge Hockey Association (OSHA) is the governing body for sledge hockey in Ontario, representing over 20 clubs and 400 plus players located across most of Ontario. It is a registered nonprofit organization, an associate member of the Ontario Hockey Federation and a member of Hockey Canada.

OSHA runs three regular season leagues, Junior Sledge Development, Intermediate and Premier, offering competitive and development opportunities to players at all levels of play from beginner to elite. In addition OSHA runs Sledge Team Ontario (STO) in conjunction with the Quest for Gold government funded program for the development of elite sledge hockey players.

OSHA, in its role as Ontario’s Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for sledge hockey, coordinates and organizes sledge hockey participation in the Ontario Parasport Winter Games (OPWG) and the Ontario Winter Games (OWG).

OSHA sanctions two major sledge hockey tournaments each year: one in Mississauga in November and one in London in January. These tournaments have attracted teams from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

OSHA also holds coaches training and accreditation clinics, clinics for on-ice referees, and demonstration and player development clinics. OSHA is also instrumental in developing the sport through participation in committees and providing input and expertise to programs being developed across Canada.

OSHA’s Mission, Vision and Value Statements reflect the organization’s dedication and commitment to the ongoing development of players and of the sport.

What is Sledge Hockey?

Sledge Hockey is an exciting sport for people with special needs. The same rules are followed as in ice hockey, with six players on the ice, including a goalie. Players sit on a sledge, which is a narrow platform with skate blades attached to the bottom, and propel themselves using two specially constructed hockey sticks that have picks on the end. Players wear full hockey gear and are strapped onto the sledges. The sledges can be adapted to meet the individual needs of each player.

Major differences from stand-up hockey:

While Hockey Canada rules apply, there are some rule variations and changes made necessary by the nature of the game and the players who participate, such as:

* hockey sticks are about 1/3 the length of a regulation hockey stick with picks on the ends

* the players' benches in most arenas are inaccessible. The players sit on the ice along the boards in front of the benches between the blue line and red line. For penalties, the players sit in the semi-circle in front of the penalty box.


Team Ontario Selection Criteria Posted

With a new season comes the new selection criteria for the 2014/15 version of Sledge Team Ontario.  Find the document by following the link up top.

OSHA Coach Manual

OSHA Coaching Manual
OSHA's coaching resource is available. All the information a sledge hockey coach --- especially one new to the sport -- needs in order to organize their team.
Email Todd Sargeant toddsargeant@hotmail.com for purchase information. $15 plus $5 mail fees.