Sledge Team Ontario – Selection Criteria 2016/17

The selection criteria for the 2016/17 edition of Sledge Team Ontario can be downloaded here.

Announcement of Draft List of Ontario Card Nominations and Appeal Procedures can be downloaded here


Eligibility for competition is all male and female athletes with a permanent functional and/or sensory disability that would normally preclude an athlete from playing regular competitive hockey. Open to all ages, based on athlete’s skill level. As outlined in OSHA Rules:

1.3 Any player may elect to play sledge hockey at a higher level of competition, but may not revert back to a lower level of competition after playing three (3) or more league games at the higher level during the same season.
1.4 Development Level teams may carry over-aged, low-functioning players who would not dominate play and otherwise could not compete at a higher division. As per Pilot Project 2011-2012 in Rule 2.1.
1.5 Teams may have an unlimited number of able-bodied players on its team for any game. Able-bodied players shall be permitted to play goaltender.
1.6 Players registered with an OSHA member team may be on the roster of only one team at any one time for OSHA games, but may practice with another team(s). A player may join another team for tournament games. The player may return to his/her original team following the tournament.
1.7 National team members may revert back to a lower competitive level team within the OSHA once they leave the National Program.