Training Resources

OSHA teams are required to provide a trainer for the protection of their players. They must be qualified through Hockey Canada’s certification program. Ontario Minor Hockey ( and Alliance Hockey (www.alliancehockey .com) provide the courses here in Ontario.

Hockey Canada produced a detailed training manual available for download on their website:

Sledge hockey is a fast-paced, aggressive sport that is extremely demanding physically. In order to play the sport at the elite level, excellent physical conditioning is required. Even playing the sport recreationally, a strong level of conditioning will allow the participant to succeed and enjoy their experience more.

Due to the nature of the sport, strength in the body's core is of particular importance. This manual is designed in order to give sledge hockey players and coaches a resource to use in order to improve their own core strength and help them enjoy and achieve a higher level of success in the sport of sledge hockey."


1. OSHA's "Introduction to Coaching Sledge Hockey” is available for purchase. Topics covered include Equipment, Practices, Basic Skills, Goaltending, Defense, Offence, Special Teams and Faceoffs. Contact Todd Sargeant for more information.

2. Hockey Canada produced a detailed training manual available for download on their website:

3. BC Hockey has a great sledge coaching resource for coaches who are newer to the sport:

4. Sales of sledges and sticks.

5. Coaching Association of Ontario

6. Coaching Association of Canada


1. OSHA hosts an annual Sledge Coaching Clinic the second weekend of September. The itinerary and location changes each year so if you are interested in getting more information, contact Todd Sargeant The itinerary from 2011 clinic is shown below as a sample: (Matt: I have attached the document)

2. New for 2012-13 season is a Sledge Clinic for On-Ice Officials. Two dates will be offered, the first being Saturday August 25 in London, ON. This will involve both classroom and on-ice portions. Costs will be paid for by OSHA and lunch provided for participants. Contact OSHA Referee-in-Chief Mark Witlox for further information.

3. Player Clinics will start up during the 2012-13 season. Collingwood will be the first on Saturday November 17. Other clinics will be offered in conjuction with Sledge Team Ontario where their staff and players will conduct the clinics. Contact Ken Cullum for more information.

4. Hockey Canada certification program for coaches and trainers. and