Junior Eligibility

The Junior Development Sledge Hockey League (JDSHL) is open to all ages. The emphasis is on fair play, as outlined in OSHA Fair Play codes. The major focus is on "playing to learn" for the athletes and developing skills.

Who Plays in SDL?

1. Players who need to play at a lower level in order to develop their skills in a less-competitive setting.
2. Players who are not big enough, fast enough or possess enough skill to play at Intermediate level should participate in SDL.
3. Players do not have the choice to play at this level, eg. "brother plays here." Assessments are made in the best interest of the development of each individual player if they should be playing at this level.
4. In and of itself, a player who scores regularly at SDL still may not be ready for Intermediate competition.
5. A player who controls the play (defensive stop and then dominant player in subsequent offensive play) or dominant in skating and puckhandling (end to end rushes) should be moving up to Intermediate in order to continue his/her development.
6. Players who are dominant in more than one game should be moved into Intermediate competition.

Coaching Emphasis

1. Players who are dominating a particular game should have their ice time reduced in favour of less-skilled players on their own team. Another option for the coach who has this player controlling the game is to use this as a teachable moment: sportsmanship and teamplay are important in our game.
2. There is no bodychecking. Contact is incidental only.
3. All dressing room activities are supervised by at least two adults.