OSHA has embarked on a three-year strategic plan:

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Goals & Objectives

Goal #1: Governance

To develop and implement a governance system that defines both strategic and operational functions of OSHA.

Supporting Objectives:

a) To achieve an understanding and support of the OSHA Strategic Plan from 90% of our stakeholders by April 1, 2012.

Executive Committee sign off by April 28, 2011 completed.

Distribution of Strategic Plan and Survey to the Board by May 13, 2011 with survey feedback completed and results completed.

Executive to review Board survey feedback and make revisions where required to the Strategic Plan by June 27, 2011 completed.

Finalize and approve by the Board at the September 17, 2011 meeting (T.S.).

Visit to each club completed by February 29, 2012 (Executive completes).

Set meeting agenda for club visits based on Board input and survey results completed.

b) By April 29, 2011, have in place an organizational chart and outline the flow of communication completed. See Appendix “A”.

c) By Sept 8, 2011, to have developed and defined the roles and responsibilities of the Executive, Committees, Board and other members for consideration by Board (S.B. & T.S.)

d) To consolidate existing Policies and Procedures by May 2012.

e) Complete “Policy and Procedures” manual by August 2012 for Executive review and Board presentation (September Pre-Season meeting).

f) Post completed Policy and Procedures manual on website to all affected stakeholders (S.B. & T.S.).

g) Review and update the Constitution by January 2013 for implementation by May 2013 (S.B.).

h) Preliminary update of rules by January 2012 for Board ratification in May 2012 (Rules Committee).

i) To develop a succession plan for the Executive, the Board and each of its Committees, with the goal of increasing participation from club members and other volunteers by May 2012.

Goal #2: Finances

For the Association and its member clubs to be financially sustainable

To develop revenue sources and partnerships to enhance the quality of our programs and attract new athletes to the sport

Supporting Objectives:

a) To have a process in place by May 2013 whereby OSHA will raise incremental funds apart from Association dues, of:

TBD (M.S.) for the purpose of enhancing organizational capabilities and capacity, improving the quality of the product, purchasing equipment, recruiting players and providing administrative support. Note: See forecasted use of funds in Appendix “B”

b) To develop a summary of “best practices” to help enable member clubs to build capacity and raise funds at the community level by May 1, 2013.

c) To make available to member clubs, by May 2013, a process that would assist them in achieving their financial objectives (M.S. Funding Booklet).

d) To have in place two programs to enlist sponsorships that will promote the growth of sledge hockey for the:

Community by May 2013 (Executive)

OSHA by September 2012 (Executive)

e) To review and approve annual Financial Forecast – Appendix “B” by September (M.S.)

Goal #3: Quality & Promotion

To develop and promote the best interest of the athletes

To improve communication and product on and off the ice

Supporting Objectives:

a) To have in place by September 1, 2012 a comprehensive, interactive OSHA website with social media connections. Complete additions to site as available. Completed.

b) To develop a residency policy by March 31, 2011 (S.B. & T.S.). Completed.

c) To redefine the divisions with corresponding rules by March 31, 2011. Completed.

d) To undertake surveys as needed among athletes and other stakeholders to gain feedback for continuous improvement (Executive). On-going.

e) Publish a quarterly electronic newsletter to all stakeholders, for purposes of keeping everyone better informed of Association activities and to receive and respond to their feedback (Promotions). On-going.

e) To continuously improve our “on ice” product offerings commencing July 15, 2011

For Players:

1. Annual regional clinics (T.S.) on-going

For Coaches:

1. Annual Coach Clinic (T.S) on-going

2. Coach Manual completed (T.S)

3. Recruitment (website) January 2013 (B.B.)

For Referees:

1. Annual training clinic (Rules Committee) on-going

Club Clinics: ?????????? needs clarification

Identify club needs by February 29, 2013

Establish schedule and for Club Clinics by


Website nominations April 2013 (Promotions)

Partners April 2013 (Promotions)

Association Awards April 2013 (Promotions)

Goal #4: Growth

To grow the sport of Sledge Hockey in Ontario

Supporting Objectives:

a) To increase the net number of athletes playing sledge hockey by approximately 10% annually for the three-year period, commencing October 15, 2012. On-going.

Introduction letter to stakeholders and target markets by July 4th, 2011. Completed.

Rack card design, printed and distributed by September 2013 (Promotions)

To actively recruit new players with a comprehensive mailing to potential target markets completed by August 2013 (Promotions)

Media and community service organization contact list to be defined by July 2013 (Promotions)

Make sledges available for clubs in a matching program where OSHA will match club purchases. Targets: 2013-14: 20; 2014–15: 30; 2015–16: 40;

b) To increase the net number of communities participating in O.S.H.A. by three over the next three years commencing, October 15th, 2012 (T.S. & B.B.)

With Hockey Canada’s assistance, develop a “ how to” manual to start a new sledge hockey club by June 30, 2011 (S.B.). Completed.

Develop a process to define ways of producing community leaders for sledge programs by September 1, 2014 (TBD)

Target Number of Athletes

October 2013 420 (approximately 5%)

October 2014 440 (approximately 10%)

October 2015 480 (approximately 10%)

October 2016 520 (approximately 10%)


We promote and encourage participation in the sport of sledge hockey. We target communities that can support a minimum of 15 players.

We act as the governing body for the sport of sledge hockey in Ontario. We are proud to represent the interests of Ontario sledge hockey with Hockey Canada, the Ontario Hockey Federation, other hockey and sledge hockey associations and special needs sports organizations. We set strategies and monitor performance. We set the rules of play and promote tournaments.

We support our member clubs and athletes. We develop programs that enhance the performance of athletes, coaches, trainers and managers. We offer programs for both the recreational and advanced athlete. We promote an understanding of the game and the role parents can play.

We foster partnerships. At the Community level, we provide the marketing tools to enhance registration and to raise funds. Provincially, we are responsible to raise the game’s awareness and enlist financial support and participation from all interested parties.