To grow the registration of Athletes in OSHA

  • to increase participation in the sport
  • to solidify existing and expand new programs and initiatives
  • to strengthen organizational structures
  • to improve and expand communication channels
  • to implement a continuous improvement program for players, coaches, trainers, managers and referees


To lead, develop and promote positive Sledge Hockey experiences in Ontario

To act in an advisory capacity in other parts of Canada, as required


We value:

A safe, positive and socially rewarding hockey experience in the spirit of fair play

The preservation, integrity and interests of sledge as an amateur sport

Leadership and other initiatives to develop better citizens

Honesty, integrity and inclusion from all stakeholders

A strong sense of pride in the communities that we represent

Operating in a professional, fiscally responsible and transparent manner

Social and recreational enjoyment

Skills development, advancement and competition in a safe and rewarding atmosphere

Accountability, professionalism and organizational effectiveness