OSHA Ontario Winter Games (OWG) and Ontario Para Sport Winter Games (OPWG)

OSHA has participation with a sledge tournament in the OPWG Games since the initial games were held in Huntsville in 2006. Subsequent games were held in Collingwood (2008), Kingston (2010) and Huntsville (2012).

OSHA also participated as an integrated sport as part of the 2012 OWG in Collingwood.

Applications have been submitted by OSHA and awaiting approval for participation in the 2012 OPWG May 2013 and the 2014 OWG March 2014.

OSHA has used past Ontario Games as an integral component of the OSHA development models for high performance players, coaches, and officials. The games and the events leading up to the games are used as opportunities for the players and coaches to compete at a higher level competition.

The process of the games selection begins with establishing leaders for each of the regional teams represented at each of the games. Each regional team has a leadership team including a Manager, Head Coach, Assistant Coach and trainer. The individuals interested in these positions must apply to the OSHA Para Sport Committee with a resume including qualifications and experience including required certifications. Coaches must meet the minimum level certification of Hockey Canada Development 1 certification and attendance at OSHA’s annual coaches’ clinics. Trainers at a minimum must be Hockey Canada Level 1 certified.

Once the Regional Team leaders are selected by the OSHA Para Sport committee, the process for the selection of the team rosters begins. The team Manager is responsible to contact the individual clubs in the region to give local leadership the opportunity to nominate eligible (age, disability, OSHA member etc.) players to attend the Talent Identification Camp (TIC). Once the nominations are received the regional team leadership will determine the players to invite to the TIC and the Managers subsequently send out invitations to the players to attend. The team rosters are selected at the end of the TIC and players are advised of their status before leaving the arena. Successful players are advised of their obligations for the games and requirements to attend events (practices/exhibition games) leading up to games.

The timing of the process is dependent upon the actual dates of the OPWG/OWG as well as the number of events planned before the TIC. These details are communicated by the OSHA Para Sport committee in the summer prior to the year of the OPWG/OWG.

The process of selecting officials to officiate the games of the OWG/OPWG tournament is managed by the OSHA Referee in Chief. Where possible local OSHA approved and qualified sledge officials will be used. However, this is often not possible if there are no sledge officials available due to the geographic location of the games. In this situation the RIC will draw from the OSHA known pool of qualified sledge officials for games. The RIC will use OSHA approved guidelines as the basis for selecting properly certified and experienced Hockey Canada officials.

Individuals with questions or having interest in participating as a team leader or assisting in coordination of the OPWG/OWG should contact Brad Blanchard at bttbhome@bell.net.

Here are links to websites for Para Sport Ontario and the Sport Alliance of Ontario.